From Lab to Fab

NeuDrive is dedicated to working with its partners to develop the commercial applications of organic semiconductor materials and associated organic thin film transistor technology. NeuDrive’s FlexOS™ inks and associated low temperature application processes have been developed to deliver outstanding transistor performance on flexible substrates.
High charge mobility and dynamically flexible transistor arrays can enable applications such ultra-thin wearable electronics, foldable displays and conformal biosensor devices.

Outstanding transistor performance on flexible substrates - Neudrive


Photolithographic processes enable high resolution, shatterproof plastic displays for smartphones and tablets.


Ultra thin, plastic based sensors and circuits enable lightweight device formats that can bend and flex in wearable applications.


NeuDrive’s inks and fabrication processes have been developed to be compatible with standard flat panel display manufacturing equipment.

Thin, flexible, adaptable, simple, consistent

As a successful entrepreneur I passionately believe that the fusion of electronics, chemistry and biology offers huge scope for innovation, business development and growth. I founded NeuDrive to exploit the opportunities this fusion creates.
Ray Fisher FRSC, Founder & Director