Our dedicated Team

With a strong Board and a wealth of technical and commercial experience NeuDrive’s team has been working in the field of organic electronic materials for over 20 years.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher Founder & Director
Ray was the ‘Chemistry World’ Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015, awarded in recognition of his innovation and entrepreneurship over 30 years working in chemistry related businesses. He founded Peakdale Molecular in 1992 growing it into a leading supplier of chemistry services to the international pharmaceutical industry. After selling Peakdale in 2014 he founded NeuDrive to take forward his vision for organic electronics. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Ray remains actively involved in NeuDrive’s material science research.
Christine Fisher
Christine Fisher Founder
After an early career with Ellis and Everard, Christine was Operations Director of Peakdale Molecular from 1996 to 2014. Christine is a Board member of Business Peak District having previously served on the Board of Derbyshire Economic Partnership. In addition to being an active member of the Board of Directors Christine is the NeuDrive Company Secretary.
Paul Joyce
Paul Joyce Director
Paul is Managing Partner of Ramsdens Solicitors, a leading Yorkshire based law firm. He is a director of companies in both the private and not for profit sector and was a director of Peakdale Molecular from 1998 to 2014 before joining NeuDrive’s board.
Chris Winter
Chris WinterChairman
Chris has been involved with 40+ start-ups and five $80m+ exits. He is formerly Chairman of Health Enterprise East (NHS Innovation Hub); Founder of Synergix Health (Health company); a Partner with New Venture Partners (International VC); Founder and CTO of BT Brightstar (Corporate Venturing) and an Entrepreneur and former Head of Futures Research at BT (R&D). He has provided innovation and IP commercialization advice to major corporations including companies such as Origin Energy, VTT, Xerox and Swiss Post Dr. Winter holds a BA (Oxon, Biochemistry), a PhD (Physics), and Visiting Professorships at UCS, Brunel and Reading Universities
Shashi Pandya
Shashi PandyaGeneral Manager
Dr Shashi Pandya has been researcher at UJF, Grenoble, France and Durham University working on bio-active heterocycles, organometallics, natural products, asymmetric synthesis, catalysis, lanthanide complexes for MRI and materials for OLEDs. For last 6 years she has worked in the field of organic electronic materials. She has published 19 papers and 3 patents. Dr Shashi Pandya joined NeuDrive in 2016. Shashi is responsible for the day to day operations, finance and general management of the company. She is involved in shaping the strategic direction & execution of business growth through international collaborations and investments. Shashi also manages the IP portfolio of the company.
Kiron Prabha Rajeev
Kiron Prabha RajeevHead of OTFT Technology
Dr Kiron Prabha Rajeev completed a collaborative PhD in electronic engineering with Merck Chemicals Ltd and the University of Surrey in 2015, this included industrial placement within Merck’s Organic Electronics Group for the duration of his PhD. He was employed at Merck as a Research Scientist prior to his PhD. After his PhD he took a post-doctoral position at the University of Manchester working on inkjet printed organic field effect transistors and neuromorphic circuit design. Dr Prabha Rajeev joined ND in 2018 from the Greman Laboratory at the University of Tours, where he was working on wearable electronics and nanogenerators. He has more than 10 years of experience working on nanoelectronics and organic electronic devices. Kiron is involved in the management of OTFT technology and business development at Neudrive Ltd.
Olga Efremova
Olga EfremovaHead of Sensor Technology
Dr Olga Efremova has an extensive background in the area of materials chemistry with a particular focus on biomedical technologies. After gaining a PhD in inorganic chemistry in Novosibirsk (Russia) and a Marie Curie Fellowship in an organic polymer chemistry group at Aston University (UK), she took an academic position as a chemistry lecturer at the University of Hull. As a leader of a research group in Hull she was principle investigator on three research projects funded by the engineering and physical sciences research council and charities to develop new nanomaterials which have potential as cancer treatment agents and in biosensing. She has published nearly 50 papers during her research career. Dr Olga Efremova joined Neudrive in 2020 as the Head of Sensor Technology and she is responsible for the R & D activities at the company’s biosensor site at Daresbury Laboratory. She is also actively developing the company’s links with Universities across the UK and securing external funding.
Mahdi Arabnejad
Mahdi ArabnejadSenior Scientist
Mahdi is a biotechnologist who has MSc in Analytical Biotechnology from Cranfield University. He received his PhD in biosensor area from the same university in 2018. Mahdi joined NeuDrive in June 2018 and is part of biosensor R&D team. Mahdi’s area of expertise includes electrochemistry and biosensor technology.
Sunera Athauda
Sunera AthaudaScientist
Sunera is a Chemistry graduate from the University of Leicester, having completed his Master’s thesis on atmospheric pollutants utilising computational and analytical chemistry in June, 2019. Sunera joined Neudrive in January 2020 and works as a scientist in the design, fabrication and testing of OTFT materials for displays and sensors.