Materials for OTFT

NeuDrive’s FlexOS™ inks for outstanding performance for Flexible displays and sensor applications.

Key features

Flexible substrates

Cost effective


Excellent uniformity

Overcomes short channel effect

High mobility of >3 Cm2V-1S-1

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Fabrication of OTFT backplanes

NeuDrive’s materials can be processed using a range of industry standard techniques for flat panel display backplane fabrication on plastic or rigid substrates. With ambient and low temperature solution processing they are a good match for conventional a-Si backplane infrastructure. Formulations can be adjusted to suit the requirements of a range of process equipment at a range of substrate sizes. Compatibility with display manufacturing infrastructure enables NeuDrive’s technology for large biosensor arrays to be fabricated at an economic cost point that could not be achieved with Silicon CMOS processing.

Key features

Scalable to GEN2

More than 10 years of fabrication experience

Class 1000 cleanroom facilities acces

Access to semiauto manufacturing pilot line

Design and fabrication of backplanes and circuits

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NeuDrive Technology  Licensing

NeuDrive’s patents on materials and processing of OTFT technology have been granted globally. Neudrive offers to license its patents to customers.

Key Features

license state-of-the-art technologies for display and sensor markets.

Develop bespoke product and technology

Extensive IP portfolio on materials and fabrication processes

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Neudrive has developed various sensing technologies based on its  OTFT platform. Neudrive’s screen printed sensor electrodes with integrated reference electrode are available for customers. NeuSense platform looks at colloboration and development of sensors based on its OTFT technology. Key areas of sensors which  Neudrive will be interested in, but not limited to are:

Chemical sensors

Temperature sensors


Gas sensors

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